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As a member with UARS you

  • can use the clubs equipment such as rowing boats (according to rowing stages) and the ergs,
  • can take part in all club activities: competitions, training camp, social activities,
  • get a national and international license for rowing competitions from the swedish rowing association, which includes the association's accident insurance,
  • get all club information via e-mail.

Rowing stages

Rowing is a technical sport, and the technical rowing skills will be developed as a new rower gains experience. This will give a natural progression over time. How long time this takes will depend on how much time you spend on improving your technical skills, as well as to some extent on talent. In UARS we have divided this progression into three stages. The basis of this division is skill, not time, nor competiveness, thus different rowers will reach different stages at different times.
The member rowing stage is decided by the rowing captain (or of the board appointed person), who much observe the rower who wishes to ‘level up’, this is usually done at an allmän träning and should be agreed upon in advance.

Stage 1 rowers

New to the sport. Not finished with or just out of rowing school. Cannot take out boats on their own and some sort of supervision has to be present.

Stage 2 rowers

Learning and occasional rowers. Promotion from stage 1 can be expected to be rather rapid. For a rower starting in spring and continues to row regularly at allmän träning, promotion is expected during summer / early fall.
In poor weather conditions (cold water or strong wind) a four blade minimum applies (i.e. not in pairs or singles) unless a follow boat is present.

Stage 3 rowers

Experienced rowers. The promotion to stage 3 will take longer than the promotion to stage 2. Typically at least one season of rowing category 2 boats is required to attain the necessary skills.
May use all boats in poor weather conditions, supervision (another rower or follow boat) is required in very poor conditions.

Membership fees

Your privileges as a member are only valid if you have paid the membership fee for the year. Members who have not paid the  membership fee by May 1st are considered to have left the club, and will be removed from the club registry.

Membership fees from 2020

Full year is based on calender year: Jan 1st to Dec 31st.
Half year is also calender-based: Jan 1st to July 30th, or July 1st to Dec 31st.

  • Full-paying members (active rowers), full year: 1200 kr, half year: 700 kr
  • Students (not PhD students, active rowers), full year 800 kr, half year 600 kr
  • Junior members (active rowers), full year 400 kr
  • Supportive members (not active), full year: 200 kr
Payment is done to the UARS account (state what the payment is for, and who is paying):

Bankgiro: 300-7440
Swish: 123 567 35 95

IBAN: SE02 8000 0838 1669 4226 3986,

How to join

If you have a swedish personal number, please enter your information on the swedish medlems page.

If you either don't speak any swedish, don't have a personal number or have any questions about membership, then please contact our secretary.  For general questions about the club or rowing you can contact our information manager.

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