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New to rowing

Are you interested in rowing with us? Awesome! We welcome everyone from beginners to competitive rowers. 


If you've never rowed before you have to take our beginner's course, rowing school, in order to be allowed to use the club's boats. We usually have two intensive beginner's courses a year, one in the spring and one in the autumn. The number of spots is limited. Email our rowing captain This is a mailto link  for more information.

Beginners are also welcome to join our winter training. This is a great way to get started with rowing as you'll learn the proper technique before going out on the water. Training on the rowing machines is also a great way to build up strength and endurance. Beginners that reguarly participate in winter training are guaranteed a spot in the spring's rowing school.

Rowing school 

Our intensive courses for beginners consist of around 8 sessions over the course of two weeks. Participants learn the basics of rowing on the water and through land exercises. Towards the end of the course participants join general training. Rowing schools are advertised on på gång, check there to see if one is open for sign up!

Experienced rowers

Experienced rowers are always welcome to join us any time. Contact This is a mailto link if you want to know more.

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