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The rules of the river

The following routines are to ensure safety for all members, and keeping our boats and equipment in good condition.


  • Rowers must be able to swim.
  • Each rower is responsible for his / her own health and safety.
  • Each rower is personally responsible for that the boat is safe to row (the boat should thus be checked before it is taken out on the water, particularly the oar locks)
  • All damages to material (boats, oars etc) must be reported to the materialchef (This is a mailto link) together with a description of what caused the damage.
  • Rowing boats should not be used when darkness has fallen. And without proper lights it is illegal.
  • Rowing with the clubs boats is only allowed when the river is free of ice.
    When this occurs is decided by three members of the board (including the rowing captain). The status of the river is posted in the club calendar online.
  • During winter season (November 15th - April 15th), when the water termperature is low, the following applies:
    • Beginners (stage 1) are not allowed on the water
      (exception: in inrigger boats, with experienced cox, and with life jackets)
    • Only boats with at least four blades may be used without a follow boat (i.e. no 1x or 2-).
    • Experienced (stage 3) rowers may be granted exemption by the rowing captain (This is a mailto link).
    • The use of life jackets is strongly encouraged, as is the presence of a follow boat.
    • Due to the increased risk of debris (including ice) in the river, it is recommended that category 2 boats are used instead of category 3 boats.

      If you fall into freezing cold water (0°C), you have about 5 min to get out of the water and get dry, otherwise it usually too late to save your life (this is assuming that you have warm clothes, shoes and gloves).  More info on the page on water termperature

Boats and booking

  • All active members are placed in a rowing stage: 1, 2 or 3, where 1 are beginners and 3 are highly experienced rowers. The member rowing stage is decided by the rowing captain (or of the board appointed person).
  • Which boats may be used by what stages of rowers is posted in the boat house.
  • There are guidelines for what should be considered when a rowing stage is decided, these are posted in the boat house.
  • Rowers may be allowed to row in a boat one category higher under specific circumstances. Two of the following four points must be fulfilled:
    • At least half of the crew is in the higher category.
    • Bow / cox seat is occupied by more experienced rower.
    • There is a responsible coach present (this also includes outings at allmän träning).
    • The crew is training for a competition and no other crew is going to use that boat and the crew is considered good enough by the rowing captain (or of the board appointed person).
  • The clubs boats may not be used unless they have been booked in the club calendar. The booking should state name and telephone number (for safety reasons).
  • The club’s boats may not be booked during scheduled allmän träning, as they should be left available for these training sessions.

Traffic rules

  • On the Fyris river there is right side traffic (in the direction of travel). This means:
    • boats travelling down-stream (towards the lake) should keep to the west (same side as the dock)
    • boats travelling up stream (towards Uppsala) should keep to the east (opposite side from the dock)
  • Row between the markers / poles ("dots" or prickar in Swedish).
    • red poles mark the western edges of the water way
    • green poles mark the eastern edge of the water way
  • Professional boat traffic (i.e. the tour boats) have right of way.
  • Turn around frequently to look for other traffic, in order to avoid collisions with other boats or other obstacles.
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