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Due to the swedish weather the year is cut into two training halves. Winter training is focused indoors, summer training is spend out on the lovely river.

Winter training

During winter (~November to ~March) the club has training sessions several times a week, all within the Ultuna campus area.

  • Mondays          4:30 pm & 6 pm    Erging at the club house. 
  • Wednesdays     6:00 pm                 Erging at the club house.
  • Thursdays        5:30 pm                 Circuit training at Syltahallen.

Circuit training is open to everone, members and none members!

Mondays and wednesdays are erging sessions that any member can do, indepentend of their experience and fitness level. Sessions are specified by the rowing captain in advance, and are given in such a way that rowers of different level can train side by side. Training is not compulsory, however if you wish to do a competition it's a great place to meet potential crewmates. As a member you can use the equipment outside of club training sessions as well, but it’s much more fun to train together!

Sessions using club equipment such as ergs or weights require club membership.

Contact: This is a mailto link if you have questions.

Summer training

During summer (~April to ~November) time is spent on the water.

There are two general club training sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings (actual training times will change with available daylight). All members are welcome to join the training on the water. The responsible coach will make sure everyone has a boat to row.

There is usually one session at saturday 10 am, where crews are assigned to people.

As an experienced rower (see membership categories) and club member you can sign out boats any time of the week (except for training times).

In preparation for competitions there are also organised trainings for those crews. 

Contact: This is a mailto link if you have any questions.

Club- and boat house

In addition to water training there are several rowing machines and a gym for strength training in the clubhouse.

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