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UARS is looking for alumni!

2017-05-14 18:51
UARS needs contact info to all previous members to be able to send out proper invitations for the anniversary, which is planned for October 21st !
  • Uppdaterad: 2017-05-14 19:06

If you're not an active (paying) member, please fill out the following form, and please spread the link to other 'oldies'

Skribent: Erik Lewin
Epost: Adressen Gömd

Uppsala Akademiska RS - Rodd
UARS c/o Annegret Wahlicht c/o Nilsson, Salagatan 5B
75330 Uppsala

Kamrersvägen 2
75651 Uppsala

Tel: 0765699434
E-post: This is a mailto link

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