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Head of Fyris 2019 - results

24 OKT 2019 09:00
74 rowers and coxes, in 10 mixed boats, came to Uppsala to compete in this year's Head of Fyris on the 19th of October. Fastest boat was the SRF/HIF combination mixed 8+, setting a new course record and winning the Johanna Andersson Trophy!
  • Uppdaterad: 24 OKT 2019 19:38

Thanks again to all competitors, volunteers and spectators!

A big congratulations to the combination crew from SRF/HIF and their cox Ruairi Collins for winning and setting a new course record!

Results from Head of Fyris 2019

Club Boat Tid
SRF/HIF 8+ 0:10:35
ARF - GREG 8+ 0:10:47
UARS - 50 SHADES OF RED 8+ 0:11:14
ARF - CONNLA 8+ 0:11:19
UARS - ALL STARS 8+ 0:11:44
UARS - UNDER DOCKS 8+ 0:12:46
UARS - MÅNSTERS 4+ 0:15:36
LIDINGO RK 4+ 0:16:07
ARF - DANIELE 4+ 0:16:29
ARF - ARIANE 4+ 0:16:32

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Vinnarna av Johanna Anderssons trofe 2019 - SRF/HIF M8+
The fastest coxed boat was SRF:s/HIF:s mixed 8+, setting a new course record with 7 seconds and thereby winning the Johanna Andersson Trophy of 2019!

More pictures from the race can be found on UARS foto album: http://foto.uars.se. Just remember to acknowledge the photographer if you decide to use their photos in your social media or on webpages. 

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