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Sommarens roddskola - Summer rowing school 2019

04 MAR 2018 17:09
Dags för roddskola!/ Rowing school! 21st of May to 5th of June, sign up is open!
  • Uppdaterad: 28 APR 2019 19:03

UARS summer rowing school stretches over about two weeks 21st of May till 5th of June, with 8 sessions. Due to all the red days the session are spread over the weekdays, but there's always one double session on saturdays. On the final session (5th June) we will also organise an end of rowing school dinner/BBQ where we provide the food and a little fun race.

We row on the lovely Fyris river, and embark from UARS boat house at Ultuna.

You should be able to attent as many sessions as possible, but it's fine if you can't make one our two sessions during the course since all rowing school participants are welcome to attend two of our general training sessions after the course.

There is a limited number of places available.

The cost of the rowing school is 950kr. If you want to continue rowing thereafter, you are most welcome to become a member of UARS and get a discount of 200kr off the normal membership fee.

To Sign up and for the training dates and times, see the registration form.If you have any questions, please contact our rowing captain.

Skribent: Lisa Emerich
Epost: Adressen Gömd

Uppsala Akademiska RS - Rodd
UARS, Box 2151
75002 Uppsala

Jan Brauners väg 3
75651 Uppsala

Tel: 0730846133
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