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Introducing Studentdatsningen

04 APR 2021 20:36
  • Skapad: 04 APR 2021 20:36

We are very excited to share more information about our new recruitment project, Studentsatsningen. Our goal is for more students to experience the joy of rowing. Supported by @studentidrott we are aiming to recruit thirty new students to UARS, build a more inclusive and welcome club and become stronger through more coaching and opportunities for all levels, abilities and ambition levels. We are also planning to buy a new 4- for openweight crews. This new boat will benefit the whole club and help develop many rowers to be the best they can be. In the next few weeks we will be announcing some very exciting fundraising projects that we hope you want to support! Help us become a more inclusive, welcoming and competitive club! Read more here 

Skribent: Malin Asplund-Hammarstrand
E-post: Adressen Gömd

Uppsala Akademiska RS - Rodd
UARS, Box 2151
75002 Uppsala

Jan Brauners väg 3
75651 Uppsala

Tel: 0730846133
E-post: This is a mailto link

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