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Women’s eight Head of the River Race – London March 2015

01 APR 2015 21:43
In March a crew from UARS competed in Womens Head of the River Race in London. Read the full and true story here!
  • Skapad: 01 APR 2015 21:43

Hear ye hear! This is the saga of eight strong and brave women who left the kingdom of Sweden to defend its honour against the barbarian of Britannia. This story, I promise every word is true, may or may not happened exactly like this. My dear, this story is not about Vikings. No, it is about the even more honourable rowers of Uppsala rodd.

On a warm and sunny day in Sweden, two of our heroes: Emma the Energetic and Steffi the Strong, left the beautiful kingdom of Sweden to conquer the grey and rainy British Isles and prepare everything for the arrival of the other warriors. Before those two could board the ship that would bring them to the unknown waters, they had to convince the guard that a “Cox-Box” was nothing to be worried about. O how wrong they were! After a couple of bigger and smaller incidents the two reached their primitive camp for the night. The night was rough, but full of excitement the two lonesome rowers went to look for their fellows, since we all know that it takes nine to row an eight. On the way to the battlefield the two were joined by Malin the Machine and Louise the Legend. As soon as the four reached the luxurious place to rest their heads for the night, another pair of rowers joined the crew: Noemi the Nonstop Able and Elin the Extreme. They put on their armour and left to requisition of the eight. It was a strong, powerful Filipi eight called “Big Boy” our team got – what a fitting name! Next to the shores of the mighty river Thames they were joined by Camilla the Conqueror and Matt the Maestro. Lisa the Lionheart had another fight to fight back in Sweden and would join them later. So for the first time since October our heroes would sit in a boat – and it was even the first time rowing together. Matt the Maestro spurned on the crew so that they would be prepared for the big battle the next day. And so after a 12 km pass, the crew left the boat, covered in new blisters, exhausted and motivated for the big day. The British were introduced to the Swedish concept of Fika, and the “Weatherspoon”, the place to be for the next days was conquered. While half of the crew decided to explore the city of London, the other half took it easy.


Race day. To be on time for the bog battle, that was scheduled to start at 9.30am, our crew had to leave the safe shores of Putney by 8.15am. Around 300 other crews attended the event and it was magnificent seeing all those boats in the might river Thames. After rowing up to the start, our heroes had some troubles staying on track, but as soon as the race started everything went smoothly and with the sun shining and only a light wind UARS rowed the 6.8km to the finish line. Only one other boat was fast enough to overtake the brave women of Sweden. The boat felt great and even though one of the crew members was sick, no further incidents happened (except for the end, when the cox-box decided to die). After the battle it was time to celebrate the victory with some wheat juice. The Swedish conquerors were happy that they left the safe lands of Sweden to show the rest of the world what they are capable of. 139 crews were slower than our heroes and even one competitor from Germania was defended. After an afternoon spent either exploring the river Thames or sightseeing in the city, the crew met for one last supper together and explored the local pub scene. Some of the crew had to leave very early in the morning, whereas the rest took the chance to explore London a bit more. After a long and exhausting weekend, all brave women came back home, full of new experiences and adventures.


Skribent: Erik Lewin

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