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Årets Förening

11 NOV 2021 19:51
Årets Förening, or Club of the Year, is awarded by the Swedish Academic Sports Confederation
  • Skapad: 11 NOV 2021 19:51

We are so proud and excited to have won "Årets Förening" for the second time in club history. This award is the result of the hard of the whole club, who really pulled together to make this happen despite the challenges of the past year and a half. We have succesfully grown the club despite the pandemic. We have run five rowing schools in one year, with a higher proportion of the participants becoming members after the course compared to previous years. We have worked hard to become more inclusive, We won UK-rodden! We are buying a brand new boat straight from the factory, for the first time in club history!

Skribent: Malin Asplund-Hammarstrand
E-post: Adressen Gömd

Uppsala Akademiska RS - Rodd
UARS, Box 2151
75002 Uppsala

Jan Brauners väg 3
75651 Uppsala

Tel: 0730846133
E-post: This is a mailto link

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