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UARS succesfull at SM och UK-rodden!

25 SEP 2019 21:47
16 UARS rowers had several great and succesful races at the Swedish championships and convincingly won both the women and men UK races!
  • Uppdaterad: 25 SEP 2019 21:47

16 rowers and one cox travelled down to Hjälmsjön in Skåne this past weekend to compete at the Swedish Nationals and the annual Univeristetskapprodden against Lund. We had four rowers competing on the Friday; a lightweight men’s single, a women’s single and a men’s pair. It was Emilio’s first race in a single in a long time and he did very well to qualify to the A-final against some very tough competition. Our women’s single struggled  with illness leading up to the race and did not perform as hoped. Lesson learned! Don’t race with a fever. Our men’s pair did very well! They put in an amazing sprint in the final 250m (in front of the crowds) and almost took the third spot. It was very exciting and we look forward to see what this combination can do next year. 
Saturday was the women’s double and the UK 8+s. Due to sickness the double had a last minute change. Holly and Angie did great especially for the first time rowing together. There were also some issues with the lanes on Saturday and the double were about to start when racing was first delayed in order to remeasure and adjust the lanes. After several hours of delays their repechage was cancelled because a crew dropped out so they went straight to the A-final! 
Next up was the men’s UK race. The start was tight with some difficulties with the steering and clashing blades but our men pulled away and won convincingly. Such an amazing sight to see an UARS boat approach the finish line with that winning margin. 
After our women’s double fought hard in the A-final they immediately jumped into the 8+ for the women’s UK race. UARS pulled away in the first 10 strokes and continued to lengthen the lead throughout the race. Crossing the finish line in first felt amazing! Lund organised a great party in Malmö and we would like to thank and congratulate them for great races and sportsmanship! Welcome to Uppsala next year! 
On the third and final day of SM most of us had an unnecessarily early start. The men’s double and women’s quad were preparing to boat when racing was first delayed because of fog. After several hours of delays and a change from FISA heat order to Danish heat order racing finally resumed. Our men’s (lightweight) double fought hard against some very tough opposition and ended up in the B-final. Our women’s quad fought hard in the heat but it was not quite enough to make the A-final. The B-final went much better, both in terms of steering and control. And the time improved! After rowing together once before the race we’re excited to see what this quad can do in the future, hopefully with everyone fully healthy. 
Overall this weekend was a great experience for all involved. We may not have won any medals this time but we’re several steps closer to our goals. The improvement for many of our rowers this past year is very impressive. We’re very proud of each and every one of you!

Malin Asplund

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